Wedding and Bridal Shoes


Tis the season…for weddings. With spring already here and summer approaching quickly, I know there are many of you with weddings to go to or be in. I’ve got 5 lined up myself along the west coast between May and September. 5 weddings means 5 different outfits and, of course, the perfect shoes to match.

We all know that weddings involve a little bit of sitting, a whole lotta walking and standing, and if you’re lucky (or unlucky) a bunch of dancing and partying. And, for those of you that are yet to tie the knot, perhaps some jumping involved when the bouquet gets tossed. For all of that one of the first things on your to-do list should be getting that perfect shoe to go with that killer outfit you’ll be wearing.

So with that, the next few posts will be dedicated to the finding the perfect shoe for that special day, whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, guest, or wedding crasher wanting to look like a legit guest.

For a little taste of what’s to come..check out the April 07 post with the Coloriffics Desire Pump. A great classic shoe for the bride who’s looking for something simple that won’t take away attention from her wedding gown while not being boring in itself.

Next up: here comes the bride! Well her shoes at least..


  1. Lucy Frostad says

    I totally agree! One must have the right shoes for every outfit! Shoes make the woman!