UGG Australia ‘Cardy’ Classic Boot


OK, I have been known to ‘hate’ on the UGG boot however my strong dislike for the UGG boot was and is specifically aimed at the suede kind you see everywhere. Today I saw a girl wearing these and they looked really cute! She was wearing dark washed boot leg jeans and just a casual shirt, which by any standard would be nothing new, however with the ‘Cardy’ it took the outfit to the next level, very hippy adorable. I’m hoping everyone will take my advice and get these boots now before everyone else snatches it up as well! (Stay ahead of the curve ladies!)

Get them:  UGG Knit Booticon


  1. Lisa says

    Ok, sorry but I still gotta hate on the uggs-lies. I just can’t imagine myself wearing these no matter how cold it is! Hmm..on second thought, they do look pretty darn cute!

  2. Sara says

    Yes, I figured there would be some haters out there, myself included. However even though I would not wear these other people can pull off this style and look really cute.

  3. Eunice says

    I love these boots! I just saw a girl wearing them and caught myself with some serious shoe envy.