Type Z ‘Roxy’ Pump

I can’t help but to think that whoever decides to wear these will look like they have saggy ankles and heels. I mean the heel alone looks like a rhinoceros horn and the front strap looks like the folds in its skin. If I’m being harsh it’s only to save you from making a mistake, much like this shoe. I am all for being creative and dare I say, inventive.  But there is a line, and this crosses it.  Although simple in design, big mistake in execution. 

Get Them: Type Z ‘Roxy’ Pump/Rhino Horn


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    Good call. When I first saw these I jumped in excitement, but I think the concept outdoes the execution. Still, glad to see something so inventive. Thanks for posting!

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    You hit this spot on. I think Fergie Ferg much try these on for size though – they seem to fit her style. I love this blog!! I’m addicted to shoes just like I am to handbags and makeup. I’ll definitely feature your site in one of my upcoming entries. :)