The Bride’s Shoes Part II – Touch Ups Nona Pump


Let’s be honest, not all people are in love with showing off toes. I can’t blame you, I myself have a love-hate relationship with them. I’ll wear opened-toed everything, but please never talk to me about my toes, it just weirds me out. So, for all you Brides that would rather keep things under-wraps, the Touch Ups “Nona Pump” is the shoe for you! The Nona is great because you don’t have to show off everything. However, the Nona will still mix-it-up and provide your foot a little air on a warm wedding day by saying “hello!” through the nicely detailed overlapping pleats that form the peep-toe. Another great feature of the shoe is that it’s nicely priced at about $50, and can be dyed to match your wedding gown.

And now we say adieu to shoes for the Bride and move on. But hey, if you haven’t gotten enough, send an email or leave a comment and I’ll be more than happy to help all ya’ll Brides complete you wedding look. Shoots, I’ll even accept pictures of your dress so that we can find a perfect match.

Get Them: Touch Ups Nona Pump

Next up: Bridesmaid shoes: You may not be 1st for the day but there’s nothing wrong with being 2nd.


  1. says

    Great suggestion! It is classy and yet shows just enough toe to be sexy. I really like that it can be dyed, so you could dye them a different color after your wedding? If so, that would be great, because I know that I don’t wear white shoes very often.

  2. Jen says

    Yep, totally! The satin upperfolds can be dyed to any color so this shoe can go from wedding to work with a simple dye-job. :)