Toms ‘Classic Canvas Slip On’ Sneaker

TOMS-Classic Canvas Slip On-Sneaker

If you’re like me, then the TOMS commercial most definitely had an impact on you. If you didn’t feel a little ache in your heart, well my friend you have a heart of stone. Seeing those adorable kids running around in brand new shoes and yes, the pretty good looking guy handing them out compelled me to purchase a pair of my own. Besides the fact that you are buying for a good cause, they look really cool and are..COMFORTABLE. I can’t even stress this point. I don’t know what the soles are made out of, but they are seriously like walking on clouds. They come in crazy patterns and all colors, which makes you want to buy multiple pairs (so beware). But seriously, you have the best validation for swiping a few pairs.

Get Them: Toms ‘Classic Canvas Slip On’ Sneaker