Mother of the Bride Shoes Part I – Alfani “Desire” Thong


The challenge with finding Mother of the Bride shoes was in choosing shoes that have an extra emphasis on comfort and are age-appropriate (I’m sorry, you’ll find no hot-pink pumps with clear heels here), without sacrificing style. I also wanted to keep in mind the type of outfits I’ve seen Mothers wear at the weddings I have attended in order to provide the most well-rounded pick of shoes for these next posts. Apologies in advance if I offend any of you Mothers in my coming words.

Let’s start with 100% comfort in a flat thong. Since we’re talking about Spring/Summer weddings, I’m going to guess that ankle length dresses will be few and far between on anyone other than the Bride. And that’s a good thing, it gives us more variety. So here’s the Alfani ‘Desire’ thong. This sandal is wonderful because it will go well with ANY body type and most fabrics. It has enough detail by way of the stones inlaid in gold and the slightly glimmering sheen of the sandal fabric to dress-up the look so that it can compliment a more formal outfit. I envision this sandal looking great paired with a slightly below the knee, capped sleeve raw silk sheath dress in a pale violet red.

Get them: Alfani “Desire” Thong

Next up: Formal wear for your feet


  1. stephanie says

    I’m getting married next month! My mom would rather have comfort over style any day of the week. We both agree that she should be able to find a cute comfortable heel but still feel elegant. So while shopping with her the last couple weeks we found some super cute kitten heels from Chinese Laundry. The style is called “perky”. My mom loves them! And has been walking around the house to make sure their comfortable, and she approves! Let me tell you she’s one picky lady! But the shoe was totally affordable and very age appropriate for her! They have styles for everyone which I love. =)

  2. Jen says

    First off, congratulations! Hope everything goes off without a hitch. :) And, I’m so glad you were able to find a great shoe for your mom. I totally agree with being able to find shoes that still look and feel great.