Bridesmaid Shoes Part II – Charles by Charles David ‘Tryst’ Sandal


For something a bit more traditional, I’ve found a new take on an old-school shoe. We’ve all seen these (as I like to call them) “one-strap” shoes for years. I remember wearing of these types of shoes over 10 years ago (eek!) in high school. Some things never change, and in this case, some things change just a bit in very original and creative ways. Charles David has upped-the-ante with these ‘Tryst’ heels. It starts with the the main shoe color; a soft pink lizard print lined with metallic gold that keeps the shoe subtle and hip at the same time. But the metallic gold is what brings me to the best, and most surprising part of the shoe – the twisted front strap where you can see the gold lining! It’s an unexpected twist (no pun intended) to the original style of these types of shoes. The twist and the lizard print are sexy little details that will let everyone know you’re no wallflower.

Get Them: Charles by Charles David ‘Tryst’ Sandal

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