Steve Madden ‘Triibe’ Boot

Steve Madden Triibe Boot

So… I’m digging the fringe. I’m not going to lie. The Native American inspired shoes are going to be huge this fall season. I couldn’t be more happy, frankly I’ve seen enough of Uggs. The fringe boot has a real good chance of sticking, with its undeniably fun movement and comfortability it’s hard to resist this trend. With either a pair of cute leggings or skinny jeans anyone could rock the fringe boot. And hey, if your scared this is a ‘fad’ (which I admit it probably will be) just think, you will have a killer Pocahontas outfit for Halloween.

Get Them: Steve Madden ‘Triibe’ Boot


  1. says

    i’ll admit, the idea of fringe doesn’t exactly titillate me… but…these are cute, and I could see myself wearing some really cute outfits with these as the base…

  2. steph says

    i saw them at marshalls and they were i think 39.99. im just looking for them online because the store didnt have them in my size.