Steve Madden ‘Kerrii’ Flat

Steve Madden Kerrii Flat

I’m semi-reluctant to give into the whole animal print thing. I’ve never been a huge fan of it, but it’s hard to keep that point of view when you see it everywhere, especially leopard print! Although I feel like it can be borderline tacky (it’s a risky line ladies) it can also look really cute, as I demonstrated in an earlier post . But, if your like me and still apprehensive to the whole ‘animal’ movement in fashion then take a closer look at this Kerrii flat. It has a cute and fun design with the buckles and soft leather. However instead of getting all crazy with the animal print, Steve Madden puts it inside as a liner. You may be thinking “But no one will be able to see it,” but you know as well as I do, little details count for a lot. This is the perfect amount to ease your way into animal prints, and no worries only a selective few will see it and be assured they will notice.

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