Seychelles ‘Kick Up Your Heels’ Wedge

Seychelles_Kick Up Your Heels

Since I can no longer look forward to spring break (apparently jobs don’t recognize this as a major holiday) I set my attentions to updating my wardrobe, specifically my shoes. Seychelles wedges are perfect to bring in the new season. With the ever present vintage vibe, they effortlessly combine old with a new twist. The ‘Kick Up Your Heels’ wedge has a simplistic design playing with textures and lines. It doesn’t try too hard at being sexy or chic (but clearly is). I say, it’s about time to look to the future and break out those flowy sundresses and light weight cardigans. If not to embrace spring early, then to have an excuse to wear these adorable wedges!

Get Them: Seychelles ‘Kick Up Your Heels’ Wedge