Saturday Sale : Privo ‘Mesa’ Flat

Welcome to a Sale Saturday! I found this great Privo ‘Mesa’ flat that would work perfectly for the rainy weather outside my office right now.  And it’s one sale! wohoo!  There’s rubber grip on the bottom to keep my from falling on my butt while walking around and covers a good amount of my foot.  Plus, not only is Privo known for being comfortable, but I think they are just so go “dog-gone-it” cute. (I could help but put a little Palin reference, whether you like her or not..her some of her turn of phrases are a bit funny.  I’m loving this grean with the little velco strap detail across the top.  The Privo Mesa is a perfect mix of the young and trendy with comfort. The Mesa is an ideal shoe for those college students walking across campus from class to class. Also, don’t be afraid to wear a fun patterned sock with this..I guarantee, you can pull it off. =)

Get Them: Privo ‘Mesa’ Flat

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  1. Jen says

    true, this may not be everyone’s style. but if you can pull’em off and aren’t trying to shake the world. i still stand by these shoes as a quality purchase.