RSVP ‘Belinda’ Boot


Tired of the same ol’ heeled boot? Yes, me too.  Thank goodness for the ‘Belinda’ boot who has incoperated interesting line detail to make this boot unique.  I really love how the curves of the line go along with the curves or your leg, it adds texture and style to an otherwise typical heeled boot.  Adding to the greatness that is this boot, the pointed toe isn’t overwhelming and won’t ‘point up’ after a few uses (urgh I hate that!).  This boot is classy enough to wear during work but chic enough to go out in.

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  1. Cheryl says

    Did you order the “wide shaft” or the regular shaft? My calf is about 15″ at the max, but i am only 110 lbs, so very little of me is ‘wide’. I am trying to decide which format to go with. Thanks!

  2. Sara says

    I’d probably go with the regular shaft. At 110 lbs (geez, you’re lucky!) I think the wide shaft would be just a bit too big around the top for you. If all else fails and you no like, Zappos gives free shipping plus free returns too! Hope that helps.