Puma Bubble XT

Puma Bubble XT


I have to admit I purchased the Puma Bubble XT not because it was the most beautiful workout shoe I’ve ever seen but because it was the weirdest. I couldn’t decide if the bubbles were hideous or adorably whimsical. On one hand, the bubbles look like clouds that I could lightly bounce my feet upon with each step. On the other, it sort of looked like the cartoonish alien feet you see in movies. So I gave in to see if these shoes were purely gimmick or the best thing since sliced bread.

The Puma Bubble XT is super lightweight and extremely comfy to walk in. The bubbles definitely give the exact soft bounce I was expecting. They don’t offer much in terms of ankle support, it’s a stretchy elastic band around the ankle. Therefore, I would not recommend them for intense workouts or running. But the cushiony sole is great for running errands or any light activity that requires lots of walking. Plus they can fold up and be put into your purse so you can switch your office heels out for these mid-day no problem!

These sneakers run a bit small, so I’d recommend ordering ½ size – 1 size up. I also love the variety of funky colors and prints they come in. I went safe with black at first but I’m tempted to grab another pair in Pool Green or Sunny Lime!


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    I completely agree with your opinion that these Puma Bubble XT shoes are one of the most funniest and weirdest looking shoes amongst those that I have recently seen.

    At first they look like they are made for kids to play as toys. But when you start wearing them you will realize how comfortable and cushioned they are.

    These unique bubble shaped cushioning pads gives you good comfort and the upper is very lightweight. As far as sizing is concerned, I agree that one must need to buy half size larger that his actual size requirement.

    For the price point, they are well and good. But my recommendation is don’t wear them when you go for college or any other function!!!