Nike Shox ‘Calistra’ Flat


Nike has also provided us with comfortable shoes that can be worn casually.  I have been a fan of the Nike Shox for a while, but only in their athletic shoes, so when I came across the ‘Calistra’ I was pretty pumped.   I love this design, it’s clean, simple, and functional.  It comes in 3 different colors but in my opinion white looked the best, all the way to the turquoise inside.  If you’re athletic but your into fashion as well, you need these shoes, these could be the flats that you wear to your sports event and then change into to your appropriate shoes.  Or, if your the type that likes athletic gear but not really into playing a sport, consider these shoes your link into that world.

Get Them: Nike Shox ‘Calistra’ Flat 


  1. Sara says

    I would definitely order them online, it’s so easy! Especially with (the link is below the shoe) because they give you free shipping.