Natural Comfort ‘Bazaar’ Block Wedge

Natural Comfort Bazaar Block Wedge

I’ve been told more than once that I need to add more color to my wardrobe (I guess gray doesn’t count). So instead of changing my whole closet I decided to add a variety of color to my accessories. A major one being shoes. I am really digging these Natural Comfort wedges because of it’s fun color and gold accents. Having multiple colors throughout the shoe gives me (the wearer) more choices to mix it up with what I’m wearing like adding a gold headband or a dark blue clutch. Oh, and a huge plus any shoe with the name ‘Natural Comfort’ has to be a good thing, especially when its a super cute wedge like this one.

Get them: Natural Comfort ‘Bazaar’ Block Wedge


  1. Shoe Crazy says

    Funny, I was just looking at these shoes yesterday, and was thinking about buying them! I figured by me finding this site and seeing them was a sign. haha

  2. Jennifer says

    Yea, who says gray isn’t a color? But I guess I’m with you, I need to add color to my closet also! I love these shoes though, good call!

  3. Sara says

    Seriously! Gray is totally a color! We should tell our friends that. Yup, when I stumbled across this shoe I was pretty pumped because I love the color combinations. Glad you like it too!