Mother of the Bride Shoes Part III – Nine West ‘Jojus’ Pump


Sara was feeling a bit too inactive so she wanted to say “Hello” with her Coloriffics sandal. And so, I’m also saying..”hello again” with this Nine West ‘Jojus’ pump. Yes, the ‘Jojus’ pump, definitely seems a bit wild and crazy for a Mother – especially when I mentioned in my earlier post that I wanted to keep things age-appropriate. But Mothers, trust me on this and don’t write-off these shoes quite yet. This shoe is for the super trendy fashionista in all of you willing to wear a 3” heel. The tan and blue in the Jojus tone the shoe down (hence age-appropriate), while the other colors keep things lively and make it so that it will match with any color outfit. In all honesty, I’m not normally the biggest fan of army fatigue type prints. However, it works for this shoe to integrate all the colors together, because you don’t really notice it unless you’re holding the shoe up close to you face or critiquing it like I did. I also really like the soft fabric of the shoe’s interlocking open strap at the top. It nicely complements the party of colors and adds to the comfort of the shoe. The Jojus won’t work with the very formal wedding outfits, but it will definitely complete an outfit for a more casual wedding. Try it out, I dare ya.

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  1. Taylor says

    Haha, these shoes would be awesome for my mom at my wedding in June. She’s such a trend-setter and she’ll be thrilled to see that she’ll be able to get a shoe she can wear when I get married and after