MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Olivia’ Boot


A heeled boot! I felt that I may have neglected the heeled boot, so heres my first post on one! I love how designers are getting more creative with boots these days, Michael Kors being one of them. This boot is suede (huge right now) and has a scrunched top. I have seen this boot on women before and I think it looks great! The scrunched rim is flirty and different. I have never tried on these heels myself, but the women who wear them have worn them for hours at a time, meaning..hey it’s gotta comfortable! Be warned ladies this boot is not for everyone, you have to have longer legs to wear these. You can scrunch them down a little bit, but it looks best pulled up.

Hint: measure your heel to a little below your knee. This boot height is 18.5” so make sure it doesn’t go past your knee!)

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