MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Gillian’ Flat


Have you noticed the increasing amount of suede in shoes yet? (If you haven’t, just say you have) I am really digging the recent suede overload in shoes these days. The simplicity of the Michael Kors flats is what makes these so great, something about that organic look makes it more fashion but classic. Actually to be honest I totally see Angelina Jolie wearing these..probably the only shoe that balances her frail frame. FYI if your hesitant because you live in a rainy area, no worries just spray it with water protector!

p.s come next Halloween you can save some money and go as Pocahontas!

Get them: MICHAEL Michael Kors Gillian Flat (Tobacco Suede)


  1. Sara says

    I agree, suede is a lot more forgiving then leather! Yea..I’m trying to get into the browns more.