Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘683186’ Sling-back Flat


These perfectly cute round toe sling backs are great for updating your wardrobe with an ironically old school style. Marc Jacobs has probably gotten tired of seeing all the pointy toed sling backs out there and has opted for a round toe, which in my opinion was a great decision.   I love a splash of color in an otherwise lackluster outfit! These gold shimmery flats will make you feel stylish without trying.  These flats also come in a peachy shimmery color which is also fantastic.

Get them: Marc by Marc Jacobs Sling-back Flat


  1. says

    I usually hate total flats but these are cute. I would wear them, if I could manage to walk in them without looking like a constipated duck.

  2. Sara says

    Haha! Just a little practice and I’m sure you will be walking in them just fine! Constipated duck..I’m going to have to remember that analogy!