Shoes for Lovely People ‘Queeny’ Pump

While looking through one of my guilty pleasures, a celebrity gossip site ( I came across one of the many pictures of Lauren Conrad (LC from MTV show ‘The Hills’).  I can safely say that she has a great sense of fashion and definitely has a laid back tailored style.  In this picture she opted for some royal blue sequin pumps, a sheer black shirt and skinny jeans.  The sparkly shoes caught my eye.  If she can wear those shoes to lunch then why not any of us on a night out with our best buds?  Royal blue sequin pumps is a bit of a stretch for most us, however black sequin heels are just enough to liven up the party and get noticed.  These may be more verstile than you think, rock these with a great magenta silk dress or like LC did, and grab your dark denim straight leg jeans and maybe a loose fitting cardigan.

Get Them: Shoes for Lovely People ‘Queeny’ Pump

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    Funny you should post these shoes. I was watching Oprah a couple nights ago and Vivica A. Fox was wearing a pair of sequined shoes just like these..but purple-ish. Except those were $1300! Thankfully this isn’t nearly as much.