LAMB ‘Kensington-Camdon’ Soft Satchel

Lamb Kensington Camden Soft Satchel

This bag was love at first sight. It has all my favorites, from the rich colors to the many buckles. I am one of those women who you can tell who she is by whats in her bag. My whole life is in mine. Since its so spacious (without being overwhelming) it fits my necessities plus a little more. Also the soft leather makes it comfortable and casual. Not only is this a great bag for everyday it is an awesome stylish traveling bag as well. Gwen’s cool style really shows through with this bag. Because of the buckle and criss cross detailing it’s unique but can be used daily (major plus). The main reason I chose this bag is because it goes with so many of the shoes I have already posted: Jeffery Campbell flat, Seychelles Boot, and boot mix.

Get it: LAMB ‘Kensington-Camdon’ Soft Satchel


  1. Sara says

    I just saw this bag in stores, and its actually not as big as it looks in the picture, its a really good size