KORS Michael Kors ‘Brink’ Boot

Kors Michael Kors Brink Boot

If you’re a huge a fan of the show Project Runway (like me) then you will know Michael Kors. He is iconic and designs his clothes, shoes, and accessories for everyone. Seeing some of the various styles of boots that have come out lately has led me to the conclusion that some boots look better in black and others in brown. Here is a great example of what looks great in brown. If you like black it does come in that too, but I suggest looking at my earlier post to see some better ‘black boot’ options. The Brink boot has that southwestern flair (without looking like you just stepped out of the ranch) and goes with virtually everything. I’m envisioning a knee length skirt (preferably a heavy material), sweater, scarf, and a cute tote bag. You may not see as much brown as you do black in wardrobes during the winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get ahead of the curve!

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