Juicy Couture ‘Millie’ Flat

Juicy Couture Millie Flat

The moccasin inspired shoe. I must admit I was weary when I started to see people wear these. Even my own flesh and blood had bought a pair of moccasin type shoes! I was resistant for a long time, until I too invested in a pair. Now let me clear the air, there are moccasins that belong indoors and there are moccasin inspired shoes that look great to go out in public. The Juicy Couture ‘Millie’ shoe is one of those moccasins. I’ll even call it a cross between a moccasin and a penny loafer, mocca-laofer if you will. With the cute tweed design, thick stitching, and a great metal accent this shoe is definitely worth getting. It even comes with the signature juicy heart that’s so prevalent in all their other products (don’t forget the crowns on the side). The mocca-loafer is going to be a thing, so don’t be the last one to catch onto this increasing fashion trend.

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