Jessica Simpson ‘Reeba’ Platform Pump


So lets face the facts shall we? Jessica Simpson is never going to be cutting edge or a trend setter in fashion, however she does seem to make the basic shoes well. Which is why I continue to post her. With her obvious ode to Reeba McEntire she has made a great looking basic everyday pump. I’m liking the subtle platform with the slight pointy toe. This is the kind of shoe you want to have in a black and brown because shoes like this never really go out of style.

Get them: Jessica Simpson ‘Reeba’ Platform Pump


  1. says

    I agree that she’ll never be cutting edge, but I too was surprised at how much wear I’m getting out of this shoe (I have it in black). It seems to be about a half-size large, but I’ve actually been complemented on these several times. I like that the heel is dark wood (a little different than if it were leather) and the shoe itself is very comfortable and well made. I would definitely consider another pair of JS shoes for, like you say, an everyday pump.

  2. Sara says

    I definitely agree with the dark wood, it makes it look more polished. Thanks for telling me it was comfortable because I have not had a chance to try them on and see for myself!

  3. RM says

    I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE it! To top it off.. i got it on sale–50%off from Macy’s! It is very comfortable and the leather is soft.. If only the bottom is red it could look like those expensive LOUBOUTIN shoes.

  4. Sara says

    *sigh* Louboutin shoes…don’t make me lust! I’m going to Europe this spring and I want to try on a pair..even though I know can’t afford them! haha