Jessica Bennet Henley Sandal

Sorry to all my faithful readers, I’ve been a bit MIA, but I’m back now with a great shoe for you to enjoy.

A sandal to bring you from summer to fall and then again into spring after winter.  I love this slingback sandal, not only because this gold color (and the “fawn” color) goes fabulously with the jewel tones that are so popular today but also because it’s not a yawn.  I’ve got this silky eggplant colored bridesmaid dress that this will be a perfect match to. The soft satin bow is a great detail and it’s not too strappy a sandal that would look weird wearing during the fall (or if you’re in a warm weather climate – into the winter as well).  This show goes great with pants/dresses and skirts so it’s versatile as well. In case you missed it, don’t forget the nice little detailing of the woven heel. And a little side note..this shoe is on sale at

Get them: Jessica Bennet Henley Sandal