How to Wear Flats

There hasn’t been a better time for flats! Even though there are flats for every occasion, you have to ask yourself: Just because it’s a dressy flat can I wear it to a semi-dressy/black tie event? Can I wear skinny jeans with my flat? And can I pull off all flats?

-There is a time and place were you just don’t wear flats, semi-dressy and black tie events are one of them. There are plenty of comfortable heels out there, gone are the days where you must sacrfice your feet. However yes there will be times were you should bite the bullet, take an asprin and smile through the pain(…all night long).

-As for skinny jeans, I’m just going to be straight with it. You can only wear flats with skinny jeans if you don’t have curvy hips and athletic legs. Just because it throws the proportions off and you will end up looking heavy (even if your not). The people out there with narrow hips and skinny legs are going to be able to rock this style and pull it off well. However…with a long tunic or sweater the skinny/jean flat combo will usually work for everyone.

-Lastly, just because they are flat shoes doesn’t mean everyone looks good in all of them. Lets break it down. For those athletic legs out there…flats with ankle straps are a no go..because they shorten the line of your legs and make you look stumpy. People with a slightly wider foot (like me) shouldn’t go for flats that are too skinny or too wide. The first because it will look like your feet are about to burst and the second because they will tend to look wider! So try to stick to the middle with a stiffer material. Another helpful hint, if you have long feet (aka the bigger sizes) I would suggest a round toe, because a pointy toe will just accentuate the length of your foot (unless you have the height to balance the two).

If there are any questions, be sure to write me in the comments!


  1. Caroline says

    Hi Sara, great post btw! I was wondering what flats would you recommend to go with a casual skirt?

  2. Sara says

    Thanks! hmm…so I really wish I could just answer you straight away, but it really depends on the skirt! If it is a light weight ankle length or knee length skirt, I would recommend the Stuart Weitzman ‘Oval’ or Steve Madden ‘Tripperr’ sandal. If the skirt is more structured I would opt for the Steve Madden ‘Keepsake’ or the Sam Edelman ‘Celine’ Flat. Hope this helps! p.s all of these shoes are in the archive!