How To Wear Booties or Ankle Boots

Just a fast “How To” post on how to wear booties, because many people like them but are apprehensive because they don’t know how to wear them. Here are some hints for booites:

1. They look great with tights! (experiment outside black)

2. Try them with a wool coat (perhaps a coat that doesn’t follow the body shape so close)

3. A cute mini skirt (preferably made of a thicker material and not ‘Abercrombie jean skirt short’)- Step out in a mod dress with your booties (and a cute headband),Keep in mind structured pieces tend to look better with booties rather then flowy garments.

4. Lastly, booties tend to make the leg look shorter because it doesn’t show the ankle, so to be honest booties look better on leaner and longer legs.

If there are any questions, just ask in the comments section and I’ll answer as quickly as I can!


  1. Sara says

    well besides sticking to the black/gray group, try a deep purple or a cranberry red! A lot of depends on what your outfit looks like.

  2. says

    I’m not as confident with booties as I am with knee-highs. But kudos to who can rock it though. I’d wear it with the tiniest fish-net hole tights to be adventurous but that won’t be anytime soon , hehe :)

  3. Sara says

    I’m right there with you, for awhile I wasn’t entirely sure I liked them. Plus…it doesn’t help that I have short legs , haha.