Guest Wedding Shoes Part VI: L.A.M.B. ‘Giulianna’ Peep Toe Slingback


Oh my Ms Gwen Stefani, though I liked you much better during your No Doubt days, I still love you because dang! you’ve got amazing style. This ‘Giulianna’ peep toe sling back is definitely proof of the bring chunky back for summer style that I had mentioned earlier with the ‘

Bombay’ Sandal. And that brings me to another one of my chunky shoe rules, if you’re going to wear a shoe like this with a thick heel, platform and more substantial foot covering in the summer – again try to keep things simple and look for an open toe and an open heel (i.e. like this slingback). If you had a closed toe and heel it you will run the risk of looking too covered up (yes, that can happen, even on your feet) for what is supposed to be a light-hearted affair and season. The Giulianna definitely keeps things fresh because it’s open at the front and heel and has great weaving at the front. This color also totally makes me think of warmer weather. However, beware, you better have a killer outfit in bright colors to pull off this shoe! (or just get the black ;o) )

Get Them: L.A.M.B. ‘Giulianna’ Peep Toe Slingback