Guest Wedding Shoes Part I: Stuart Weitzman ‘Archie’ Sandal


As a guest, I’d say you have the most flexibility in outfit and! So with that, these next several posts will be dedicated to all the different personalities and styles of the fabulous lady guests privileging the groom and bride with their presence.

OK, allow me my soapbox for these next few sentences. Let’s be honest with each other, it’s just not right to wear a bright red dress to a wedding. You know it, I know it. A wedding is supposed to be about the marriage between a man and wife and, of course, how stunning the Bride looks. It’s not about the woman in the bright red dress (or..gasp! all white dress) grabbing the attention of everyone wherever she walks and being the first thing people look at in wedding photos. But…red shoes? Go for it! Stuart Weitzman’s “Archie” is fabulous shoe. They may not look the trendiest at first, but for some reason they look very chic vintage to me, I think it’s because it’s in an almost lipstick red snakeskin print that makes it a great shoe for the season. Or maybe it’s the cute little heal at the bottom and interlocking straps that perfectly fit together. Regardless, the Archie is a great looking shoe that has nothing wanting. Paired with a block colored peasant type dress and loosely flowing hair pulled back slightly, you will have the understated “I didn’t try too hard” (but I really did) look that is bound to get you noticed without offending.

Get Them: Stuart Weitzman ‘Archie’ Sandal


  1. steph says

    I agree with you there on the bright red dress, but gotta love red shoes! I like this pair, it’s more of a muted understatement red, though not a huge fan of the snakeskin pattern. Still lady-like though.

  2. says

    It is very important to choose your wedding shoes has to match with your dress. You should try to buy the shoes when you buy your dress. It can try the shoes and dress together.

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