Gabriella Rocha ‘Cutie Pie’ Boot

No, your eyes are not deceiving you.. this looks almost identical to the UGG ‘Cardy’ Boot.  I’m always unsure what to think of copy cats in the design world.  They all feed off each other and are always trying to find ways to out do one another.  However, has Gabriella Rocha done exactly that, out do UGG?  Although from the outside the ‘Cutie Pie’ Boot seems like a twin to the ‘Cardy’, it is not.  When folded down it has a sheepskin liner.  I have concluded it’s all in what you like, I will say, however that this comes at a cheaper price.

Get Them: Gabriella Rocha ‘Cutie Pie’ Boot


  1. Angela says

    I recently purchased these shoes in black and I can tell you, they definitely do NOT out-do Uggs in anyway. The price is indeed cheaper, and while the overall look is really cute, you get what you paid for.

    What I paid for in the end is shoddy craftsmanship, weak cheap rubbery soles that do nothing to support your feet, and lining that comes apart from bad sewing.

    Word of advice: save up the little bit of extra cash to buy the Ugg versions over this one.

  2. Sara says

    Thanks for the heads up Angela! It’s always great to hear feedback from someone who actually owns the shoe. It’s too bad that these don’t deliver.