Freezer Tricks for Your Shoes



What does your kitchen freezer have to do with your footwear? Apparently it’s the fairy godmother of some of the most common footwear problems from poor fit to stinky soles.

Problem #1: My shoes are too small but I bought them anyways because they’ll break in right?

How many of us are guilty of this and then never actually get around to breaking them in because the idea of forming blisters for the next few days just isn’t your jam? Well here’s an easy 4-step guide on how a freezer can expand your shoe size by up to 1/2 size!

  1. Grab a ziplock or sandwich bag and fill it up to ¼-½ full depending on size of the shoe.
  2. Place the bag of water into the shoe, making sure to stuff it all the way up into the toe area.
  3. Put shoes in freezer overnight
  4. Take out shoes from freezer and remove the frozen ice bag.

The bag of water will expand as it turns into ice and will force your shoe to expand with it. In the end you get a slightly enlarged shoe without all the pain of breaking it in the traditional way. Magical!

Additional Tip: Make sure you take the ice out before it melts too much or the moisture may ruin your shoes. Maintain the shape by using a shoe tree and keep moisture out with the free silica packets that come in most shoe boxes.

Problem #2: My shoes smell AWFUL

This seems to happen most with shoes that I don’t wear socks with and shoes with fabric knit material that soak up all my feet sweat (I know, so gross) such as TOMs or other flats. This also occurs in my winter boots. I suppose, because of the wet and danky conditions.
To get rid of food odors using your freezer:

  1. Sprinkle (Or “dump” depending on how bad the rank) baking soda inside the soles.
  2. Place shoes in plastic bag and place in freezer overnight
  3. Take out shoes

Tada! Apparently the freezing process kills the bacteria and baking soda is of course a basic household cleaning agent (I keep an open box sitting in my fridge for odor elimination).

Problem #3: I stepped on gum and now it’s stuck to my Louboutins!

Isn’t stepping on gum one of the worst feelings ever?

Two options:

  1. Place shoe in freezer for a couple of hours. Chip off gum
  2. Fancier alternative: Take a plastic bag and press the plastic onto the gum. Place into freezer for a couple of hours and pull the plastic bag away from shoe. The frozen gum should be stuck to the plastic bag.

Surely some kind of marvelous witchcraft at work, right?

And in case it needs to be said, please put a plastic grocery bag over your shoe for any of the three options to create a barrier between your feet and food.
Who knew a freezer could be so multi-purpose? Anyone else have freezer tricks for anything else? Should I buy an exclusive freezer just for shoes and other cool tricks?