European Flats Shoe Series

So I was across the ocean in London, and made my way East to Munich, Salzburg (home of Sound of the Music btw)..and then South to Italy to Milan, Venice, Padova, and Bologna. As I was exploring I made sure to notice the styles and types of shoes that are rampant over there. Let me tell you the flats are just as popular there as they are here, among everyone young and old. The difference, a lot more selection since just about every store will sell shoes (even if it’s not the focus of the store). With that the next few posts will be dedicated to the style of flats that I fell in love with this May in Europe.


  1. evianchannel says

    You are completely right in that flats are everywhere right now, despite the country! They have a great selection on right now, great for the summer. Check it out!