European Flats Shoe Series: Rewind

After the last 5 posts I thought I’d go through a rewind like I did with the Bridal Shoe Series a while back. Here’s the recap of the styles that I fell in love with when I was traveling through the UK, Germany, Italy, and Austria this past May.

Here goes…

french-sole-sloop1.JPG The traditional ballet flat: these will never go out of style. Invest in a quality pair that comfortable and don’t be afraid to get them in different colors. I know it may seem kind of outrageous to buy such a simple looking shoe for what seems like an inflated price, but when you’ve been wearing the shoe for the next 4+ years, you’ll be glad you bought them “way back when.” The French Sole Sloop is a perfect example of the everlasting ballet flat.

Get Them: French Sole Sloop

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cole-haan-air-aiden-sling.JPG The sling-back flat: A properly fit sling-back can add comfort to your feet if you have been walking all day and provide some much needed air that the closed in flat doesn’t. Once you have your traditional ballet flat the sling-back flat the Cole Haan Air Aiden Sling is a worthy next purchase. Keep things interesting by choosing one that has different colors, or like the Aiden has texture.

Get Them: Cole Haan Air Aiden Sling

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frye-cameron-skimmer.JPG The in-between season flat sandal: Nowadays with weather being as unpredictable as it is these days, the end of Spring doesn’t always mean that the barely there strappy sandal is weather appropriate. That’s what the in-between season flat sandal is for. This Frye Cameron Skimmer is enough of a shoe to keep your feet from freezing when the temperatures are a bit chilly and/or rainy and enough of a sandal to keep you from being disgruntled about not being able to wear the tank top and shorts near Summer. Go for different colors and a basket weave look to keep the style fresh and light. Then, when the weather does become that perfect sunny and 75, you’ll be able to pair the shoe with summer wear.

Get Them: Frye Cameron Skimmer

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corso-como-drew-flat.JPG The Embellished Flat: if you already have your traditional ballet flat (or think that they are too simple for your style), try the ballet flat with added detail like this Corso Como Drew Flat. A flower at the top, bow, or buckle are all welcome details to the flat. Keep in mind that a gigantic bronze cut-out at the top of the shoe may not necessarily look bad as long as it goes along with the theme of the shoe. On the flip side, a big ol’ mess of small embellishment are just as likely to make the flat look too busy and unbalanced, so be sure that the shoe is not overwhelmed with added details. And remember, colors are your friend so feel free to look for contrasting colors in the different textures and materials of the flat.

Get Them: Corso Como Drew Flat

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tommy-hilfiger-katie-slip-on.JPG The tennis shoe style fabric flat: It’s a mouthful to say, but this shoe style is great for everyday. I love that we can wear this more casual shoes style (with or without socks) without having to resort to wearing actual tennis shoes. The other great thing about these tennis shoe style fabric flat is that you can find them almost anywhere and they tend to be a bit less pricey than their leather counterparts and don’t have to worry about keeping them super clean because they are more like tennis shoes. The Tommy Hilfiger Katie Slip-On here is a great example of this type of shoe with the rubber sole to keep you from slipping and the fun patchwork/leather material combo. It’s also cute enough to wear with a denim skirt or casual summer cotton dress.

Get Them: Tommy Hilfiger Katie Slip-On

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