Dr. Martens ‘1460 W-8 Eye’ Boot

Teen spirit anyone?  Yes, there was a time when jelly shoes, oversized overalls, and ripped jeans were in style.  But like a good fad, they came and went.  The 90’s was a time where grunge was a lifestyle as well as a fashion trend, thus Dr. Martens finding its place in fashion history.  I commend their effort in trying to update their look with different textures and patent leather, however that is where I must stop.  Back when they were popular they fit the style of t-shirts, flannel button ups, and intentionally (but effortlessly) ripped jeans.   But we are now in the age of skinny denim, high waisted skirts, and high collared pea coats, where I am sad to say (although not too sad) the ‘1460 W-8 Eye’ Boot should be no where to be found 

Get Them: Dr. Martens ‘1460 W-8 Eye’ Boot