Dolce Vita ‘Deliliah’ Sandal

Dolce Vita designs for a certain type of woman. This woman loves forehead headbands, scarfs, Urban Outfitters and boyfriend Tees.  Let’s break the cycle and jump out of our comfort zones and try a adventurous sandal like this one! The straps, studs, and side lace up make this sandal interesting and fashion forward.  I love how it’s not an open back, which kind of dances the line of being a sandal and shoe.  So for all my daring non-boho-hippie-chic girls out there, I know you can pull this off, so try it!

FYI: maxi and mini dresses, skinny jeans, shorts…they all go with this sandal it’s just about finding the right colors and patterns!

Get Them: Dolce Vita ‘Deliliah’ Sandal