Dolce Vita ‘Aegean’ Sandal


Keeping with the vintage green theme here are some great sandals by Dolce Vita. Since Spring is right around the corner everyone has jumped on the sandal making band wagon. Dolce Vita’s ‘Aegean’ Sandal is perfect for the up and coming warmer seasons. I love the gold buckle to the strapping, which is minimal but just right. The versatility of this sandal with amaze you, meaning don’t be afraid to put this with a flowy dress or a a mini skirt. Oh and these also look really good in the gold and black.

Get them: Dolce Vita ‘Aegean’ Sandal


  1. Sara says

    The straps are definitely great, also the picture on the sole..people only see it when you take them off..but still pretty cute. Yea, this shoe is not meant for mile long walks, however shopping trips, going out to eat, and other activities where your not walking 100% of the time they are perfect!