crocs mary jane

Nurses, doctors, pregnant women, and the makers of Crocs. So in case your confused, let me clear the air…those are the only people who can wear crocs. So for the rest of you…I shake my head in shame. I refuse to buy crocs AND before you past judgment on me, I have in fact tried on a pair. Yes they are comfortable..but is it worth it? Nope. These really just do not look good on anyone, even the people I mentioned earlier, but due to their profession I will just turn the other cheek. There are plenty of cute comfortable sneakers out there!! Which means theres no reason (no excuses) on why anyone should be buying these. Crocs..its most definitely not going to be a thing. I think its safe to say they are on their way to ‘Fad History’. See tcritic hates crocs too!

Get them (sigh): Crocs