Corso Como ‘Key’ Sandal

Finally a sandal that is not a gladiator.  I’m not saying I haven’t been a fan of the gladiator sandal, but I’m open to change.  I like the structure of this shoe, from the thin front straps to the bold thick ankle and heel strap. But what really catches my eye is the lace up on the side. Don’t worry if you look closely there is a zipper in the back so you don’t have to lace your sandals every time you wear them. Opt for these ultra cool sandals when you go out at night instead of your 4” heels.  Not only will your feet be thanking you but, let’s be honest, you will kind of get a kick out of watching those other girls doing the ‘my big toe is being squished to death in these stilettos’ limp. 

Get Them: Corso Como ‘Key’ Sandal