Converse Chuck Taylor ‘Low Slip-on’ Sneaker

Converse Chuck Taylor Low Slip On Sneaker

Shoelaces are a thing of the past! Seriously, who really has the time anymore?(OK maybe we are a tad lazy) In any case this is like the velcro for adults (sans the velcro). Most of us haven’t had velcro on our shoes since we were 6 years old and they were probably accompanied by lights that lit up every time we stepped. Now its time to upgrade that slip-on principle, with the Chuck Taylor slip-on converse sneakers. It has the same appeal as the Converse with Laces but without the hassle! They also come in different colors, so don’t feel limited. Once again, Converse lovers Unite!

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  1. SIerah, Indonesia says

    Thanks God, no more shoelaces. It certainly looks great with khakis and jeans. Can anybody know how to send these shoes to Indonesia?