Celebrity Kicks


With celebrity brands proliferating in clothing lines, perfumes, and makeup, it’s no surprise to see an abundance of celebrity designers in footwear. From actresses such as Cameron Diaz to country singers like Miranda Lambert and even tennis star Maria Sharapova, it seems like every celebrity has … [Read more...]

Nike Free Run+ 2 Running Shoe


Every girl needs a workout shoe, whether it's for the gym or for running outside during a nice day. I love the new Nike Free Run+ 2 running shoes because they are so light. They also have an inner sleeve that hugs your foot, so rather than making my feet look super bulky like most cross trainers … [Read more...]

Simple Satire Elastic Sneaker


Sometimes a pair of good looking sneakers is just what the day calls for, and I'm not talking about Nikes. These Simple Satire Sneakers are a nice alternative to the multitudes of people wearing Converses out there (me included), and I actually think I like them better. They are still really easy … [Read more...]

Gravis ‘Slymz’ Sneaker

I must admit, I fall in and out of fads and sometimes follow the masses. Chucks and Vans being one of them. Although I feel guilty for not continuing to wear them because they have fallen from fashion, because truthfully they look cute and are super comfortable. So onward my search goes for that … [Read more...]

Toms ‘Classic Canvas Slip On’ Sneaker

TOMS-Classic Canvas Slip On-Sneaker

If you're like me, then the TOMS commercial most definitely had an impact on you. If you didn't feel a little ache in your heart, well my friend you have a heart of stone. Seeing those adorable kids running around in brand new shoes and yes, the pretty good looking guy handing them out compelled me … [Read more...]

80%20 ‘Marlee Tea Party’ Sneaker

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It's either my constant strive to be cool or my interest in floral patterned sneakers that has compelled me to post another 80%20 shoe. I'm going with the latter. Pretty, girly florals make me happy and when they are on a sneaker, it is perfection in my eyes. The 'Marlee' sneaker is minimalistic in … [Read more...]

80%20 ‘Sadie’ Sneaker Wedge

80%20-Sadie-Sneaker Wedge

I'm not going to lie. Owning a pair of 80%20 shoes would instantly put you in the cool crowd. They are trendy and modern with a dash of hipster. For me, they can get a bit crazy with the molded wedges and weird cut-outs, but every once in a while I find a highly wearable, cool pair of shoes. The … [Read more...]

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Sneaker


It is time to set aside your converses and embrace the Onitsuka Tiger brand.  I have been pushing this brand for 5 years now (although it has been around for waaay longer) and it just never jumped into the spot light like Chuck Taylors did.  However, it is a favorite among many, but with the … [Read more...]