Autumn Flats II: Crocs ‘Alice Mary Jane’


I know; mention of 'Crocs' brings a picture of their signature heel strap clog into your mind.  If you didn't like those, I think you might like these.  A more grown-up and stylish side to Crocs, I'm diggin the Alice Mary Janes - especially for the rain.  They're super cute and lightweight and have … [Read more...]

ASGI ‘Joy’ Mary Jane


Since gas prices have hit us all pretty hard my guess is a lot of you have taken up walking, like I have. A little extra walking never hurt anyone, however bad shoes have.  That's why it is super important to have shoes that you can walk all day in without limping by the end of the day.  I had the … [Read more...]

Bandolino ‘Yanita’ Mary Jane Pump

Don't these shoes remind you of the shoes the women usually wear on broadway? It's like the broadway tap shoe without the tap. It may very well be that I put up the Bandolino 'Yanita' pump because I just came home from seeing the national tour of Jersey Boys (which was completely worth paying a … [Read more...]

Crocs ‘Mary Jane’


Say what? Crocs on Heelcandy!? Yes and I am proud of it (kind of)! So here is my reason for putting Crocs's because I love options and when the much beloved Crocs came out with a different style than their usual (not so great looking) Clog inspired style I was sort of excited. Unexplained as … [Read more...]

Nine West ‘Zampa’ Mary Jane Pump


So remember when Mariah Carey made that music video where she was a secret agent doing her super dangerous spy work in stilettos? After that stilettos made a huge impact on women's shoes, but now its the chunky heal thats making it's mark in fashion. Now you can go taller without the fear of … [Read more...]



Nurses, doctors, pregnant women, and the makers of Crocs. So in case your confused, let me clear the air...those are the only people who can wear crocs. So for the rest of you...I shake my head in shame. I refuse to buy crocs AND before you past judgment on me, I have in fact tried on a pair. … [Read more...]