H&M Flat Shoes


  Let’s take a pause from the runway to focus on some great high street fashion. If you’ve been rocking sky high stilettos all month to keep up with fashion week, take a break by slipping on some of the most comfortable flat shoes you’ll ever wear. Lately H&M has been my absolute … [Read more...]

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flat

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats

The Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flat is a famous flat with a playful design. We really like the suede matched with the understated sewed in Kitty design, and consider it one of the best shoes to pull off making a traditional well-known shoe fun. It's like they took the plastic flat that was popular in … [Read more...]

Jcrew Rainy Day Ballet Flat


The Jcrew Rainy Day Ballet Flat is a nice alternative to the Hunter boot in misty weather conditions. If you don't mind a little rain (and we are talking light rain here) then the Jcrew Rainy Day flat might be for you. I like to think of these Jcrew flats as a better looking version of the Croc … [Read more...]

Steve Madden I-Dreemy Flat


At first I was a little bit hesitant to post a flat with so much "sparkle" on it, but then I thought I kind of like the sparkles. I love the thought that at night when the lamp light hits them just right, my shoes will light up like a Christmas tree (in a good way). I can totally picture these … [Read more...]

Corso Como ‘Fabulous’ Flat

Corso Como-Fabulous-Flat

Fresh cut grass, daisies and full floral sundresses all come to mind when I look at the Corso Como 'Fabulous' Flat. The laser-cut design and rounded toe gives it this springtime feel, especially in this kelly green color. It's weird to think that green can be such a taboo color in a wardrobe... … [Read more...]

Report ‘Kimball’ Flat


The inner girly-girl in me is absolutely infatuated with these striped flats. From the floral pom-pom adorning the top of the rounded toe to the candy striped surface. I feel the need to raid Quin's (from Glee) closet and find an adorable Anthropologie dress and slipping on these flats, while of … [Read more...]