Vans ‘Abby’ Flat


You know that time of year when nautical always seems to come back in style? Well it's coming to about that time. I've seen the other nautical theme shoes out there..but so far I really dig these. So yes, they are vans and are 'supposedly' skate shoes, however do you see the lining? (yup..that's … [Read more...]

Vans ‘Authentic’ Sneaker


The Vans 'Authentic' sneaker is very refreshing and simple. Sneaker designs are getting overwhelmed by the patterns and colors these days, but the 'Authentic' takes you back to more simple and better times (I sound wise beyond my years). Take a break from all those busy sneakers, heels and boots … [Read more...]

Vans Classic Slip-on


Too many options is never an issue for me. I say the more choices I have the better! Vans has taken this to heart. They offer SO many different varieties of the classic slip-on in every color and pattern. Owning a pair myself I can honestly say they are super comfortable, convenient, and … [Read more...]