Ugg Australia Aubray Sandal

Ugg Australia Aubray Sandal

The Ugg Australia Aubray Sandal is the newest edition of sandals for this famous shoe maker. We love the clean lines of the Ugg Australia Aubray Sandal, and applaud Ugg for their willingness to go beyond their traditional sheepskin comfy boots. This new line of sandals doesn't even look like any … [Read more...]

Uggpure Ansley Charm Slippers

Uggpure Ansley Charm Slipper

If these Uggpure Ansley Charm Slippers aren't the most comfy looking pair of Holiday slippers, then we don't know which ones are. They have a Swarovski-crystal charmon the zippers to differentiate them just enough from your run of the mill slippers, and it's the perfect little twinkle accent to … [Read more...]

6pm Ugg Sale


6pm is having an awesome Uggs Sale! Uggs are up to 70% off at 6pm with Free Shipping. If you are looking to get a comfy pair of Uggs, but the price has always a bit much, then now is the perfect time to get them before winter. Nothing is better than a warm pair of Uggs on a cold day, they keep your … [Read more...]

Ugg Classic Tall Boot


Winter is right around the corner, and you've got to hand it to UGG, they own the winter boot market. So whether you love the look of them or not, no girl I know can deny that when it's cold outside nothing beats the soft inside lining of an UGG boot. So with that, here are the UGG boots that I … [Read more...]

UGG Coquette


These slippers are perfect for winter weather. Why not carry your style indoors while walking around the house in a perfect set of slippers. Not only are they chic, but omg, practical too, since they keep you feet warm and unlike other slippers, maintain their shape for years of wear. I love them … [Read more...]

UGG ‘Brookfield Tall’ Boot


Looking out my window and gazing upon the fresh fallen snow has reminded me that it is about time I start gearing up for the cold weather (and all that comes along with it).  Now not only do we need to worry about what outfits go with what shoes but how to stay warm and fashionable.  Never fear … [Read more...]

UGG ‘Sundance II’ Boot


How have you chosen to keep warm during the fall and winter?  I know the cold just wants to make you curl up in your comfiest PJs and walk out of the house with your oversized hoodie and fleece pants. But I'm here to stop the madness! Ladies, the UGG 'Sundance II' is plenty comfortable for the … [Read more...]