Steve Madden Russhh Snip Toe Pump


So after a week long of posting about sandals, sneakers, and TOMS, it is time to get back to our roots. Here is the Steve Madden Russhh Snip Toe Pump, in all it's high-heeled height. I really like the patent leather look in this pump, and the boldness of the figure. This is a beautiful looking … [Read more...]

Steve Madden I-Dreemy Flat


At first I was a little bit hesitant to post a flat with so much "sparkle" on it, but then I thought I kind of like the sparkles. I love the thought that at night when the lamp light hits them just right, my shoes will light up like a Christmas tree (in a good way). I can totally picture these … [Read more...]

Steve Madden ‘Ulltra’ Pump

Steve Madden 'Ulltra' Pump

Aside from my constant irritation with Steve Madden and his inability to name shoes with the correct spelling, I'm feeling these cute little suede pumps. Some of us don't like kitten heels (me) and some of don't want to spend 8 hrs in 4'' platform pumps either (me). Which is why the Steve Madden … [Read more...]

Steve Madden ‘Lenorah’ Sandal


It's weird how sometimes vintage is somewhat 'fashion forward' and a new idea.  P.Diddy, Puff Dady, or simply 'Puff' (whatever the kids are calling him these days) knows this idea better than anyone.  He loves to recycle old songs and make them into his on thing, I'm not judging... I mean it seems … [Read more...]

Steve Madden ‘Trinitie’ Pump


I am a sucker for a great platform pump, so naturally the Steve Madden 'Trinitie' is quite the temptation.  Instead of reaching for your black patent leather pumps opt for this great nude color.  Just because it's a neutral color doesn't mean you won't stand out, if anything you will get noticed … [Read more...]

Steve Madden ‘Baile’ Flat


Ruffles are a trend we all need to get on board with.  It has made appearances on your button ups, skirts, and even on some designer bags... but what about shoes?  There should be no question about it, they are just as playful and cute on footwear.  I'm definitely a believer of less is more, which … [Read more...]

Steve Madden ‘Kobraa’ Flat


Yes, I have already posted these flats, BUT now they are in different colors!  I love my electric blue Kobraas but this pewter is gorgeous. I'm ready to move on from gold and silver and have the bronzes and pewters step into the game. With all the browns and purples that are going to be surrounding … [Read more...]