RSVP ‘Janis’ Pump


OK.. let's be honest, 'Janis' does not seem like a suitable name for this pump.  It could be that the face/personality I conjure up upon hearing that name is a very memorable character from the show "Friends."  Names aside, this is a very familiar style for pumps, but it doesn't make it any less … [Read more...]

RSVP ‘Daina’ Pump


Spring and summer are prime wedding seasons which means you will need great wedding shoes. The 'Daina' pump comes in a lot of pretty no panicking when it comes to matching your dress! One less thing to worry about...all that is left is practicing your jump when you catch that … [Read more...]

RSVP ‘Jory’ Sandal


I love how when you put this shoe on you know it completes your outfit. This is a simple and pretty dress shoe, it will go with almost anything! The only thing I would watch out for is, if you are wearing a dress that shows your legs be aware that it looks best on long and lean legs (I would … [Read more...]

RSVP ‘Naomi’ Flat


Who says chain links have to be silver or gold? RSVP's 'Naomi' flat takes metal hardware to new heights with their alternating red and white chain links. I really like this shoe because it's funky without out being over the top which makes it way easier to wear! I love the color scheme they … [Read more...]

RSVP ‘Jewel’ Wedge


With all the new styles coming in for spring it seems that patent leather is still going strong. This new wedge by RSVP has just the right amount of femininity to keep it pretty. I think the size and the asymmetrical placement of the bow is perfect. This would complement any pair of jeans, pencil … [Read more...]

RSVP ‘Belinda’ Boot


Tired of the same ol' heeled boot? Yes, me too.  Thank goodness for the 'Belinda' boot who has incoperated interesting line detail to make this boot unique.  I really love how the curves of the line go along with the curves or your leg, it adds texture and style to an otherwise typical heeled boot.  … [Read more...]