Por La Victoire ‘Baylie’ Pump

Por La Victoire_Baylie

I tried to hold off on the Taylor Swift fever as long as possible, but her catchy tunes got the best of me. I mean...how long could I put off listening to the radio for anyway? Blasting her overplayed hit "Love Song" on Grooveshark.com and browsing through shoes is not recommended. My taste for … [Read more...]

Por La Victoire ‘Tarissa’ Wedge

Por La Victoire_Tarissa

I'll be the first to admit I have a minor obsession with Por La Victoire. I mean, the name alone sounds expensive and when I say it out loud, I feel a tad bit more worldly. Superficial reasons aside, they do make gorgeous looking shoes. I love how they can go from ultra femme to edgy and tough … [Read more...]

Pour La Victoire ‘Lilia’ Pump


I know that designers are always trying to be innovative and cutting edge...but I just can't jump on the boat with the sideways heel.  I've seen this before with Marc Jacobs and I am pretty sure it didn't really catch on.  This heel looks awkward.  It's not even attractive to look at.  I'd say that … [Read more...]

Pour La Victoire ‘Lourdes’ Ankle Strap Pump


The double strap may give you second opinions..but let me put them to rest, I have seen this pump on someone and it looked fabulous! I love the soft colors of the beige and pink, it enhances your outfit without taking attention away from you. You will look wonderfully chic in these shoes, just … [Read more...]