Nina Electra Platform Pump


I confess today all I can think about are weddings, and shoes of course, so to match the bride's pumps I found a pair of perfect bridesmaid's shoes as well. The Nina Electra Platform Pumps are pretty popular this wedding season, and I can see why they would be the perfect bridesmaid shoes. The … [Read more...]

Nina ‘Blin’ Pump


For the many galas, benefits, and balls you will be attending this season you will need an equally fabulous shoe (with a fabulous price tag).  Behold, the Nina 'Blin' Pump.  Before you tell me the shape is unoriginal and the color is nothing new, take a closer look at the strap.  I love the layering … [Read more...]

Bridal Shoes – Rewind

Nona                          Kimi                             Genevieve These are great shoes for any Bride and any type of gown.  The Nona is the perfect traditional shoe that will complement a structured gown made of a stiffer satin type of material and look great with any body type.  The Kimi … [Read more...]

The Bride’s Shoes – Nina Kimi-LS


You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style with a pair of Nina “Kimi” heels. Nina’s are known for being comfortable and stylish. My cousin wore a pair of Nina heels for her wedding and was still standing in them for over 15 hours! (I know, I was with her the entire way as the maid of honor – … [Read more...]

Nina ‘Culver’ d’Orsay Pump


Still on the endless search for a great special occasion shoe? Well hopefully this will put an end to the seemingly tireless search. The Nina shoe is not only comfortable but a great multi purpose shoe, it looks great with a dressy pant outfit or a dress! I love the folding detail in the front, … [Read more...]

Nina ‘Hilton’ Platform Sandal


How do you embrace the Christmas spirit without wearing a Santa hat or ornament earrings? You wear hot red shoes! Not only are these a great color, Nina is known for comfort so you don't have to worry about hobbling by the end of the night (always a good thing)! Be sure to check out the black, not … [Read more...]