Michael Kors ‘Halo’ Flat


There is always a need for a cute flat.  But to keep your flat from coming up short, opt for textured metallic flat. Funny to think that a great simple everyday shoe can keep you current and stylish.  Get Them: Michael Kors 'Halo' Flat … [Read more...]

Michael Kors ‘Vice’ Sandal


Bright green and pink metallic straps accenting a gold sandal...really how can one go wrong with this shoe?  Brighten up your wardrobe with  the 'Vice' sandal.  And finally a sandal that doesn't have an ankle strap and that means even those of us with shorter legs don't have to worry about looking … [Read more...]

Michael Kors ‘Bayou’ Sandal


I have officially found my favorite sandals for the upcoming seasons. Yes, I may be speaking rather soon seeing how it is still technically winter, but c'mon ladies..this is a be-a-utiful shoe! Had I the sufficient funds to buy this sandal I would snatch it up in a heart beat. I love the … [Read more...]

KORS Michael Kors ‘Brink’ Boot


If you’re a huge a fan of the show Project Runway (like me) then you will know Michael Kors. He is iconic and designs his clothes, shoes, and accessories for everyone. Seeing some of the various styles of boots that have come out lately has led me to the conclusion that some boots look better in … [Read more...]

Michael Kors ‘Tiara’ Flat


OK, so heres the deal with animal/reptile print, it’s good but in moderation. I’m not huge on animal print; in fact I don’t think I could really see myself wearing it. However this doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. This Michael Kors flat is a perfect example of when animal print is done right. It … [Read more...]