Kate Spade Licorice Glitter Point-Toe Pump


This week I’m in love with the Kate Spade Licorice Glitter Point-Toe Pump in black. Licorice is the perfect description for this charcoal black color. The glitters are more of a muted sheen that’s reminiscent of the outer gloss of the licorice candy.  I appreciate that it’s not a BAM-in-your-face … [Read more...]

Kate Spade New York Sage Pump


Gold and Silver are the colors of the Holidays and if you don't have a pair of heels in either of those colors they you need to get to shopping girl! The Kate Spade New York Sage Pump is classy, with just enough bling to not be dull. This pump would look great at a Holiday party or just with a pair … [Read more...]

Kate Spade Mikas Pond Wallet

Kate Spade Mika Ponds Wallet

We don't post many handbags or wallets on Heelcandy, but sometimes a wallet catches the eye, and the Kate Spade Mikas Pond Wallet is that one for me. For under $100, this is a great deal if you want to mix it up from the 5 Coach Wallets that we all own. I just like the simplicity of this wallet, … [Read more...]

Kate Spade ‘Lovely’ Sandal


I first laid eyes on this wonderfully adorable sandal in a catalog for Nordstrom.  I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight.  I love how a simple t-strap sandal can be taken to a whole new level by adding a large tailored bow.  It doesn't offset the shoe at all, only enhances its design.  The … [Read more...]

Kate Spade ‘Kelley’ Pump


Looking at this shoe makes me thankful that famous actresses like Katherine Hepburn redefined women's clothing. She made a successful fashion crossover to men inspired clothing, just like the Kate Spade 'Kelley' pump has. Kate Spade has transformed the conservative pattern into something hip and … [Read more...]